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Found at: https://www.timesofisrael.com/near-san-francisco-karaite-jews-keep-an-ancient-movement-alive/
A rack of prayer shawls, or tallitot, at Daly City's Congregation B’nai Israel shows the unique style of tzitzit [fringes] used by Karaite Jews (© David A.M. Wilensky).


There are a number of individuals who assisted in bringing this project to fruition, first and foremost, Professor Oren Kroll-Zeldin, who spent countless hours working on the Beta version of this exhibit, along with Professor Noa Bar-Gabai.

Thanks go to former University of San Francisco undergraduate students Zoe Bishop, Haley Geller, and Kate Zwigard, as well as current student Meghan Shirron. Laila Khattab also helped in this process. We are grateful for their assistance.

Thank you to the USF Gleeson Library staff for digitizing a number of the textual artifacts found in this exhibit.

As for the content of the exhibit, help from Shawn Lichaa, a member of the San Francisco Bay Area's Karaite community, was invaluable. Thanks also goes to the Lichaa and Pessah families for providing us with their immigration dossiers. David Ovadia provided us with all of the original KJA Bulletins. Further, both Lichaa and Ovadia gave us excellent feedback on the final draft of the exhibit before it was published. Ovadia worked a great deal on this process. We are indebted to both of these individuals.

Thank you to Ari Salomon and Katerina Georgieva of the website design and development team, Hello Ari.

Finally, we are grateful to the members of the Karaite community who shared their lives with us through the video interviews found in this exhibit. Without their generosity in this regard, such memories would be lost to history.