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Found at: https://www.hsje.org/Galleries/schools/schools_in_egypt.htm#.YoPQMpPMKEs.
A Karaite school, located In Harat al-Yahud, the Jewish Quarter, in Cairo, Egypt. The sign behind the students and teachers reads, “Madrasat Al-Isra’iliyin al-Qarra’in al-Khayriyah” or the Israelite Karaite School of Cairo (© Historical Society of Jews from Egypt, circa 1920s).

Karaite Jewish School in Cairo, Egypt [flyer]

This is a flyer for a Karaite Jewish school located in the Abbasiyya area of Cairo. The flyer is written in Hebrew, Arabic, and French, thus illustrating how the "Association for Children who Love Torah" regularly used multiple languages simultaneously when communicating with members of their community.

2018 Re-dedication of Community Space in Daly City, CA [Event Program]

In August 2018, the Karaite Jews of America (KJA), Congregation B'nai Israel, and the Karaite Jewish-Cultural Center celebrated the re-dedication of their community's main building, located in Daly City, CA. This is the program flyer from this important community event.

"KJA Bulletins" [Newsletters]

Between 1983 and 2018, the primary way that the leadership of the Karaite community of the San Francisco Bay Area communicated with their constituency was through their semi-regular newsletter, the "KJA Bulletin." They produced between two and four issues per year for some four decades, which decreased over time. These important texts reflect some of the institutional underpinnings of the KJA, including their leadership, prayers, projects, and participation with the larger (non-Karaite) Jewish community in both the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally. The near complete archive of the "KJA Bulletin" can be found below.