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This "Interview Archive" houses additional interviews of Karaite Jews who immigrated to the United States, either significantly longer versions of videos that appear elsewhere on the "Out of Egypt" exhibit or ones not found elsewhere on this website. Although most of these videos are of individuals who relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, some are interviews with Karaite Jews who immigrated to other places in the continental United States, such as Chicago and Boston. (Unless noted otherwise, those interviewed resettled in the San Francisco Bay Area.) We have included interviews of those who settled outside of San Francisco not only because these immigrants also arrived in the U.S. during the same era (1950s-1970s), but also because their life experiences, both in Egypt and their new country, the United States, are quite similar to those of the Karaite Jews who relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Life in Cairo as a religio-ethnic minority

Celebrating Jewish Holidays in Cairo

Other Fond memories from Life in Egypt

Attending School in Cairo

Life in Cairo During the 1948 "Arab-Israeli" War

Reflections on the 1956 Suez War

Reflections on the June 1967 War (and the years leading up to it)

Immigrating from Cairo to the United States

Starting a New Life in the United States

Advice for new generation/s of Karaite Jews in the United States