“The House of Love and Prayer: A Radical Jewish Experiment in San Francisco” by Oren Kroll-Zeldin

"Out of Egypt: The Karaite Jews of the San Francisco Bay Area” by Aaron J. Hahn Tapper


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Honoring Our Elders

"Honoring Our Elders: Queer Jewish Lives in the Bay Area" by Rabbi Camille Shira Angel - CHECK BACK SOON!

For decades, the Bay Area has been home to thousands of LGBTQIA+ Jews, many of whom have been engaged in social justice efforts that have impacted Jewish and non-Jewish communities in the region. Such queer Jews were instrumental in shaping elements of Jewish life in the Bay Area and creating new and meaningful Jewish community spaces. This exhibition uses LGBTQIA+ Jewish Elders' Legacy Videos to transmit the histories of some of these extraordinary individuals, people who have been able to rebuild their lives and find success in the Bay Area. The videos at the center of this exhibition were created by USF undergraduate students in the university's community engaged learning course “Honoring Our LGBTQIA+ Religious Elders," taught by Rabbi Angel.